SWIDS POINT SYSTEM (Revised 04/17/2014)

Points are accumulated as follows: 

Office / Chair / Function  (See Note 1)  # of Points Comments
President A 300  To be awarded at year end.
Vice President A 250  To be awarded at year end.
Secretary A 250  To be awarded at year end.
Treasurer A 250  To be awarded at year end.
Director A 200  To be awarded at year end.
Past President A 50  To be awarded at year end.
May and June Sales  E 200
Points for each co-chairperson.  Maximum 3 co-chairs.
June Show  E 200
Points for each co-chairperson.  Maximum 3 co-chairs.
Sale other than Washington Sq. E 100 Points for each co-chairperson.  Maximum  2 co-chairs.
Points Keeper A 200 To be awarded at year end - can be prorated if person replaced
Newsletter Editor / Publisher A 200 To be awarded at year end - can be prorated if person replaced
Webmaster M 15 15 points per month work is done. 
Committee Chairperson A 50 To be awarded at year end and only if activity occurred (see note 2)
Speaker at SWIDS meeting E 20  
Speaker at non-SWIDS meeting E 20 Must be approved by President or Exec. Board.
Hosting Club Tour Garden E 100  
Non-officer substituting for Officer at SWIDS meeting. E 20  
Membership in AHS A 15  
Attending any Regional or National Daylily Convention / Symposium E 15  
Hosting Exhibition Judges or Speakers overnight in home
E 100 Points awarded to only one person per household per event.
Attending SWIDS functions E 10 Meeting, Tour, Party, etc.
Baby Sitting potted SWIDS sale Plants E 1 Per pot
Bring refreshments at regular meeting. E 10 No more than two people per household per event.
Writing a Newsletter Article E 15 Except anything that falls under Committee or Officers job.
Donating registered daylilies for club purposes  E 1 per fan for prior to 2005

2 per fan for 2005 or later 

Must be requested by Asset or Sale Committee 
Donating or securing Door Prize E 5 Limit 2 per household per meeting.
Attending Committee Meeting EH 5 per Hour Max of 50 points per year per Committee.
Donating raffle plants E 15 Must be registration year 2000 or later 
Showing scapes at SWIDS show. E 5 per scape No Max
Weeding and Cleanup at SWIDS maintained garden EH 50 per Hour  Must be requested or approved by Facilities Director
Digging, Washing, Tagging Sale  plants. EH 50 per Hour  
Working at SWIDS Show / Sale EH 10 per Hour  
Drive time to and from SWIDS work activities
EH 10 per Hour Not to exceed 10 points per event.
Miscellaneous duties as requested by Officers or Chairpersons  EH 10 per Hour Not to exceed 75 points per activity.  See Note 2.
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Note 1.  A = Annual Points awarded.
              M = Monthly Points awarded. 
              E = Points Awarded per Event. 
              EH = Points Awarded per Event per Hour.

Note 2.  When a committee chairperson is appointed or asked to serve, and in the event the committee entails a lot of work (more than 5 hours and more than 1 job), the committee chairperson responsible, in conjunction with the Director responsible for the committee, shall make a list of jobs to be performed by the committee.

The list shall be detailed enough as to the job requirements and estimated time to accomplish (indicating max. points allowed).  The committee chairperson shall solicit for volunteers at a regular club meeting, or asked the list to be published in the newsletter soliciting volunteers for the jobs. If time does not permit for either of the above, then e-mail to the membership by the chairperson, director or some other officer and a calling committee if it exists to those members not on e-mail shall suffice to fill this requirement.

In the event that no one volunteers for a specific job and the committee chairperson has to do that job, then the committee chairperson shall be awarded the points for the job in addition to the points awarded for being committee chairperson.


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