Accepted Nov, 2014

Last changed, 11/2014


Asset Plants & Auction - Must have SWIDS and AHS dues paid by December 31 of previous year to be eligible to receive asset plant. Must have SWIDS dues for current year paid to bid in auction.

Asset Plants - Family membership in SWIDS makes two persons eligible. Youth members must have separate AHS Youth Membership current at time of asset plant distribution.

Asset Plants - Must have accumulated a minimum of 80 points and have attended a minimum of 6 scheduled SWIDS meetings or events (local tour, bus tour, or Christmas party) in the year prior to plant distribution – or must have accumulated a minimum of 150 points and have attended a minimum of 4 scheduled SWIDS meetings or events (local tour, bus tour, or Christmas party) in the year prior to plant distribution.

Asset Plants & Auction – May not combine points with any other member (this includes spouses).

Auction Plants - Do not have to meet minimum meeting or points requirements to participate in annual auction of the asset plants being returned; however, SWIDS dues must be paid for current year.

Asset Plants - Must give annual fan count to Asset Committee Chairman by date established and published by Asset Committee or will not be eligible to obtain Asset Plant.

Asset Plants – If possible, give photo of asset plant taken in your garden to Asset Committee Chairman.

Asset Plants - Must sign and abide by Asset Propagation Agreement.

Asset Plants - Members will care for asset plants received for two years and no more than four years. If three or more fans are available of each cultivar after two but no more than four years, members will retain two fans and return excess to SWIDS. If after four years a plant has three fans or less, one fan may be retained by the member and the rest must be returned to SWIDS. Plants must be grown in the ground, not in containers. 

Asset Plants - If plant has five or less fans, then all fans will be auctioned to members. Fans will be returned and sold as single fans. If a plant has six or more fans, then a double fan will be be retained by SWIDS and the remainder will be auctioned to other members.

Asset Plants - Plants will be distributed according to points earned in year prior to plant distribution – highest number of points makes first selection, second highest makes second selection, etc. If more asset plants are received than there are qualifying members, selection will begin again in order of points earned until all plants are selected.

Asset Plants & Auction – If member is unable to attend meeting, they may designate a person to select or bid for them. The member unable to attend must contact a member of the Asset Committee either by e-mail, or by handwritten note designating the person to bid for them.

Auction – Either points or dollars may be used in the annual auction of the returned asset plants – one point equaling $.10 (10 cents)

Auction – Plants will be auctioned as single fans.

Auction – When asset plants are returned for auction, they should be trimmed and thoroughly washed, a label should be attached to each fan, and each fan should be placed in a separate plastic bag

Auction – Plants will be organized and auctioned in alphabetical order.

Auction – Each plant will be distributed immediately after winning bids are determined – highest bidder getting first choice, etc. Auctioneer will hold up the fan being bid on.

Auction – Members will be provided with bid cards with total previous year points listed to record their bids.

Auction – Each member will be expected to keep a record of their bids on the bid cards provided. Two individuals will be appointed by the President to keep a tally of all bids and members’ points. At the close of the auction, the points remaining or cash to be paid shown on each member’s bid card should agree with that of the record keepers.

Auction – Bids must be made in $1 increments using either previous year earned points or cash.

Auction – Each bidder may purchase one fan of the plant being auctioned. If a plant has produced and abundance of fans, the asset committee will determine whether or not to put them together as double fans to be auctioned. 

Auction – Successful bidder may have second fan at the same price, providing there are more than 5 fans available. If the second bidder wants to buy a fan at the same price, they can have up to 2 fans, providing more than 3 fans are available. The auctioneer will then ask if any others want a fan at the same price as the successful bidder. If more bidders are interested in buying plants than plants are available, bidding will start over again.

Auction – There will be no points carried forward after the auction – "USE THEM OR LOSE THEM".

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